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Category:1978 births Category:Living people Category:Computational fluid dynamics Category:University of Antwerp alumni Category:American software engineersWindows 7/8/8.1 (and 2000/Vista/XP) to MAC OSX Migration Guide (PDF) This is the original guide that I used to migrate from Windows 7/8/8.1 (Vista/XP) to macOS. Over the years, I’ve maintained this guide through updating the Windows program and tweaking the Apple bootcamp partition to match my later changes to Windows. I’ve also updated the guide to match the many new features in each release of macOS as well as added several ways to get there without using Migration Assistant. About a year ago, I started replacing some old Windows-only applications with open-source tools to free up disk space and make the environment faster. Because of this, I had to reformat the Windows partition for macOS. Here’s a quick update for anyone else with this quest to add open-source applications and shift to a new OS platform. This guide was originally built for migration from Windows 7 and uses CCC8 v.6.7 (2010) on Windows 7. However, after using Migration Assistant a lot, I found that it actually made my migration a lot smoother. Before you begin, please download it. A Quick Note About This Guide This guide was written in 2010, and has been updated regularly since then. Back then, you could install parts of Windows on a Mac. Now, you just completely replace the system with Mac with a full download. As mentioned above, I’ve added several additional ways to do this in recent years. The main differences in the version that I’m using is the partition layout for macOS. I’ve replaced the Windows bootcamp partition with a second partition that is free space, and made a partition for WIndows 8. Let’s get started. Step 1: Download the Windows Image This guide will help you replace macOS with Windows where possible. To do that, we’ll download Windows 8.1 onto your Mac using an image. A key part to this is saving the image to your USB drive. Once Windows is on the USB drive, you’ll use the image to make a fresh installation of Windows (yay!). There are various ways to do this. Most of

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